9 of The Hottest Women Dan Bilzerian Invited on his Yacht

You might know Dan Bilzerian from his popular Instagram and Be Naughty account, where he can usually be seen with dozens of models, actresses, singers, and rappers. What’s the point of the account you ask?

Well, I think it’s just there to remind the average person who they are, and maybe to inspire them? I’m not really sure guys. All I know for sure is that Dan Bilzerian knows A LOT of hot girls, so let’s take a look at a few of them. Why not?

Cardi B

Yeah, I don’t know how this one came to be either. First, Cardi gets married to Offset, then she pumps out a fucking baby, and now she’s hanging out with Dan Bilzerian on a yacht? What the fuck is going on?

Well, apparently Cardi and Dan were at a paid event together (visible on his Instagram page), and I guess they got to know each other a little too well if you know what I’m saying. Even if you don’t like Cardi B’s music, you have to admit she’s cute. When she opens her mouth though, it’s a whole different story. But purely based on looks – she’s a banger.

Her body is made almost entirely of plastic, but I guess it’s just a way to show off how much money she has. Kind of like how rappers buy a gross amount of chains and wear dual watches just to show everyone how successful they are – except with plastic injections. Ugh, that sounds bad no matter how you try and doll it up.

Lindsey Pelas

It should come to no surprise to find out that most of the women Dan Bilzerian hangs out with have their own agendas. One of those women is Lindsey Pelas; a sexy photographer? Honestly, I’m not sure what she does, but she’s very hot.

You can stop her in a quite a few of Dans nude snapchat or Instagram photos – she’s usually topless. So if you’re looking through any given photo, the odds are that she’s the hot blonde one with massive stripper titties.

Her Wikipedia page says she’s a “social media influencer,” which isn’t a surprise considering half of the girls Dan Bilzerian hangs out with have the same title. The other half happens to be young models hoping to gain a few thousand followers after the interaction.

Plus, who knows? Maybe you let Dan rub his face in your rack for a few seconds, and in exchange; you get noticed on social media! Some might consider that more than enough compensation.

Miley Cyrus

Miley has been known to be somewhat of a wildcard when it comes to her ‘crowd.’ She’s never been opposed to hanging out with celebrities foreign to her and her inner circle. For example, she’s been hanging out with who else, but Dan Bilzerian!

The two were spotted at a photoshoot together, along with their good friend (acquaintance), Wiz Khalifa. It’s kind of a weird photo, but the two seem to have a certain chemistry. Maybe like a “We fucked on a boat, but now we’re just friends” kind of vibe. Do you know what I mean?

Anyways, Miley Cyrus seems to be enjoying her youth by partying with her friends, doing an alarming amount of drugs, and getting in a hot tub with 20 chicks and one Dan. I mean, If you were her – would you do it any other way?