Top 5 Celebrity Yachts of All Time

There’s one thing every person who’s accumulated a large amount of wealth does, and that’s buy a yacht.

Pretty much every celebrity in history has made an over-the-top, obnoxious purchase, usually in the form of an extremely large sailboat. With so many yacht purchases by celebrities over the years, it’s been interesting to see how they each outdo one another.

In no particular order, here are five of the most impressive (and expensive) yachts owned by celebrities of all time.

Eric Clapton

The singer-songwriter is the proud owner of a 156.8-foot yacht named Va Berne. Equipped with a pool on-board, the yacht can house 12 guests and 13 crew members. Clapton had the yacht refitted to fit his style, which features an open and spacious living areas, furniture pieces, warm colors, and even a movie lounge! It’s a spectacular sight to see on the water, for sure.


The legendary rapper, producer, actor, and entrepreneur Sean “Diddy” Combs, or P. Diddy, is the owner of the Oasis, a 162-foot yacht that requires a staff of 10 people to operate. The yacht features a stage and dancefloor, fitting for a king of hip-hop, and is reported to have cost the millionaire rapper $72 million, so you know he’s making good use out of it. Diddy is often seen sailing with his kids or with his famous friends and rappers having a great time on the open waters. A Diddy yacht party is sure to be like no other aboard his gorgeous yacht.

Steven Spielberg

Chances are just about everyone has seen a Steven Spielberg movie. The iconic film director is, undoubtedly, worth millions, and he chose to spend his money much like his celebrity constituents – on a yacht. Spielberg’s yacht, an insane 282 feet, is equipped with a helicopter pad, gym, spa, infinity pool, and movie screen. Worth at about $184 million, it seems that Spielberg wants something more exquisite as he’s put up his yacht for sale, reportedly looking for something bigger to upgrade this one.

Diane Von Furstenberg

Fashion mogul Diane Von Furstenberg and her husband Barry Diller are the proud owners of the biggest yacht in the world, the 305-foot Eos. It’s among the largest private sailing yachts in the world and costs around $200 million. Their yacht features electronic sails, a jacuzzi, and a lush interior fit for a fashion designer, including a rumored glass staircase. It can also house 16 guests and 21 crew members and is equipped with state-of-the-art navigation.


The U2 frontman has had many hits throughout his career that’s allowed him to purchase the Cyan, a luxe 160-foot yacht that features an outdoor cinema screen, six cabins for up to 12 guests, a pool, spa, and equipped with many water toys and a formal dining room. It holds a classic look and has an exaggerated angled bow. The singer has sold the Cyan, however, for a reported $14 million! It may not cost as much as some of the other yachts on this list, but that doesn’t make this model, crafted by the prestigious shipyard Codecasa, any less spectacular.