Top 5 Most Beautiful Yachts on the Market

Luxury items like yachts, have a very unique feel to them. You don’t go out and buy a four-story boat because you NEED it – you do it because your partner at work just got himself a new speed boat and you had to one-up him.

These yachts are in a league all of their own. Some of them cost over 300 million dollars. Like, what? Not to say that the people buying these things are irrational, but I mean probably, right?


If you’ve got 200 million dollars burning a hole in your offshore bank account, the Octopus might be a nice little present to get for yourself. The Octopus is “a private vessel leased for scientific inventions, rescue missions, and exploration projects,” but I’m a little confused.

Who needs to use 200 million dollars to go on “private exploration” unless they’re looking for a place to hide their chopped up wife? I mean, seriously? Also, I’m pretty sure there’s no such thing as a “private rescue mission.” Pretty sure that’s an emergency services situation.

Wait, maybe once you become rich enough, emergency services don’t help you anymore because of the tax avoidance, so you inevitably need to get your own rescue submersible. Wow, being rich would be fun.


Dilbar is a yacht valued at over 256 million dollars, and belongs to a piece of shit, Russian oligarch – who else? It’s one of the largest boats in the entire world and is also known as a ‘superyacht’ by its owner. Yeah, just the one guy.

This big ol’ boat is over 380 feet long and can fit up to 20 guests, and 48 crew members. Like, imagine being so rich that when you hang out with your friends, there’s more staff at the party than people – that’s wild.

Anyways, there are only one of these bad boys, so if you were trying to grab one up – you’re out of luck. Fortunately, there are dozens of different yachts that cost a hell of a lot more than this one does. Let’s see!

Al Said

The Al Said is valued at, literally, 300 million dollars. That’s beyond ‘fuck you’ money. That’s ‘I am a prince’ money. The same kind of money that Qaboos Bin Said Al Said has. You know – the Sultan of Orman? No, of course, you don’t.

He belongs to a family in the middle east that has been collecting wealth since wealth was a thing. His family is so goddamned rich; he probably wipes his ass with spider-web silk toilet paper that’s dipped in age-reversing lotion.

Seriously. I wouldn’t even be surprised if that was true. These families are very secretive in general, so not a lot is known about what they do with their funds – other than buy a boat they’ll never use.


The Radiant is a huge ship that’s owned by another Emirates billionaire with too much money, and not enough care for the little people. It’s estimated value is 320 million dollars – and for a good reason.

Ships like these come equipped with some features that wouldn’t be considered, “normal.” For example, the sides of the Radiant come equipped with “powerful water cannons” for deterring and even fighting off pirates. Like, real sea pirates.

This yacht is outfitted with more than just squirt-guns – it’s also sporting a jacuzzi, massage room, movie theatre, helicopter pad, and even its own swimming pool. That’s not as much “fuck you” money, as it is “fuck off” money.